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[freeciv-data] Re: [Freeciv-Dev] Freeciv Patch: Controls on access to sp

[freeciv-data] Re: [Freeciv-Dev] Freeciv Patch: Controls on access to sp

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To: "Bobby D. Bryant" <bdbryant@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, freeciv-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx, freeciv-data <freeciv-data@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [freeciv-data] Re: [Freeciv-Dev] Freeciv Patch: Controls on access to specified techs.
From: David Pfitzner <dwpfitzner@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2000 12:13:16 -0800 (PST)
Reply-to: freeciv-data@xxxxxxxxxxx

"Bobby D. Bryant" <bdbryant@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

> OK, here is the patch that modpack designers have been hoping for.
> The attached .diff allows the rulesets to control players' access to
> various portions of the tech tree, allowing a partition of the tree
> between your various nations/races/species/whatevers.

> The basic ruleset design strategy is to create some "base" techs, 
> mark them as non-researchable and non-transferable, grant them to
> specific sets of nations at the start of the game using the 
> mechanism in my "initial techs" patch, and then use those "base" 
> techs as pre-reqs for units/improvements/wonders that should only
> be built by nations with in the appropriate set.

While this patch looks like a good start, it seems to me there is
still a limitation that _all_ the "partitioned" techs will need to
be marked non-transferrable?  Else you could aquire (by conquering
a city etc) derived techs even without having the base ones.

(And marking all techs non-transferrable means no sharing even
between separate elven nations etc :-(

To improve this (and also as a stand-alone feature) it would be
nice to have more control (via ruleset parameters) over general
prerequisite requirement rules for gaining tech by research or

For example, current rules are effectively:
- Gaining tech by research: must know all _immediate_ prerequisite
- Gaining tech otherwise: no restrictions.

Nice possibilities:
- Gaining tech by research: must know all _recusive_ prerequisites
  (so if you gain a "far-future" tech, you can use it but not
  derive from it).
- Gaining tech otherwise: need to know at least one (recursive)
  prerequisite (would solve partitioning problem).
- Gaining tech otherwise: need to know one/all? prereqs within 
  X steps, some parameter X (cannot grasp "far-future" techs).
  (If "one", and X large, provides previous option.)
- Others?

-- David

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