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[freeciv-data] Master of Magic Gameplay

[freeciv-data] Master of Magic Gameplay

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Subject: [freeciv-data] Master of Magic Gameplay
From: "Wong TM (Huang Deming)" <lookmeow@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2000 14:32:30 +0800
Reply-to: freeciv-data@xxxxxxxxxxx

IMHO Simtek - Master of Magic is the best fastasy game I ever played. Even with
it's VGA graphic(320*200), I really feel that I the wizard controlling the 
creatures and doing battle with others wizards using mine powerful spell. (Curse
Hasbo for closing down MOMII)

What we can learn from it:-

* Graphic: Even though it's VGA, I really feels that the Death Knight is death
inspiring, the Doom Dragon is cute.

* Heroes that add very good RPG elements to a strategy game, making it much more
addictive. (one problem with just winning the game with a super hero though)

* You can't know all the spells with a your choosed/custom character. So you 
to make some very difficult decision in choosing the spell during the game. Like
choosing spells to counter yours pestering rival suite of death spell. Vs *Civ*
where you can research all the techs(just a matter what you research first 

* 5 elements of spells categories(life, death, nature, chaos, sorcery): 5 
that have unique taste and character(Like Wizard of the Coast 'Magic Card', I 
they copy MOM). Add much more to your 'character'. (spell==techs in freeciv)

* Wizard's attributes(like warlord, sage, spell books...): Add much more to
character. Like your are projecting yourself on this character you 
element). You had to come out with different strategies for every different
customized character in order to win(very great strategic element IMHO. Like 
also). It add much more creativity and replay value to the game. I think that 
attribute can be simulated with starting Wonders for each player. (like
warlord==Sun Tzu Academy that never obsolete)

* Lots of different monsters for your heroes to find and kill :). Range from the
lowly(skeletons) to the boss creature(dragons). Not to mention the treasures 
killing them. Freeciv: hut==monster lair?

* Mana source: You need to win the monster guarding it and meld it with your
familar/spirit. Maybe in Freeciv, we can have  some very rare oil deposit(not
'special'). And you need to need a engineer to build some facilities on it to 
some rich global resources. This will introduce some very interesting territory
struggle and political/diplomatic movement.

* Stacked Units Battle: Battleground size is just right, not too big to be
tedious(like Age of Wonder bg size is too big IMHO), small enough for some
strategic movement and controled melees. A right combination of units usually 
the battles.

* Races (halfing, elf): Used to complement your strategy and characters. Not to
mention the range of units you can build with each races. Note that you need a
special building for each unit. Freeciv: Airbase for stealth bomber, Port
facilities for Battleship? Could add a little strategic depth and not to tedious

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