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[freeciv-ai] A diplomacy AI rule

[freeciv-ai] A diplomacy AI rule

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To: <freeciv-ai@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [freeciv-ai] A diplomacy AI rule
From: "Olivier DAVY" <olivier.davy@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 5 Dec 2004 20:07:13 +0100


I got an idea for the diplomacy system of freeciv.
It will force the IA to use diplomacy (between IA and IA/Humans).

The following rule could be used :

The opportunity that diplomacy adds is that a civilization can become the
ally of another.
Being in mind that EVERY civilization (symmetry ?) has its opportunity, what
sould they do ?
It can be seen also has a constraint for IA : if the civilization does not
use this opportunity, the other will do, and will crush the former easily.

I think (well, after reading the fourth book of "Foundation") that
civilizations should tend to create alliances that will create equal forces,
i.e. they should create symmetric super-civilizations (the alliances) to
compensate the fact that civilizations have not the same power. They hence
adjust the forces and live forever.
What is important is symmetry in that case.
Can we say that symmetry is the base of peacefull civilizations (e.g. : the
Cold War ?).

Practically, every ten turns (for example), we should compute the forces
ratio, and allow IA civilizations to recreate or delete their alliances (but
at what cost ?).

If you find that idea could be interesting, here is an example
Civ        Force / Points
A          300
B          200
C          101
D          30
E          1

Perhaps an alogrithm could force IA to make alliance such as A-D = 330 and
B-C-E = 302 ?

The algorithm could be "try to create #n alliances that minimize the maximum
of difference between two of them".
Thus everybody will think twice before attacking whatever civilization.

Perhaps a civ can make peace with civ that are very small (to attack them
later ?), and create alliance with same-force-civs.

Since I am also an engineer in computer science, perhaps I could help to go
further, if you like the idea.

Olivier DAVY

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