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[aclug-L] Spring Cleaning - Technical Books and Software

[aclug-L] Spring Cleaning - Technical Books and Software

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Subject: [aclug-L] Spring Cleaning - Technical Books and Software
From: Jason Klein <jklein@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2009 12:42:04 -0500
Reply-to: discussion@xxxxxxxxx

Hello everyone!

Cleaning time again.  Keeping most of my Unix/Linux material.   
Ditching most of my M$ material.  I only list M$ items with the  
thought that members who are moving to Linux might still be stuck  
needing them.  No need for our fellow LUG members to pay more M$ tax  
than necessary.  Even though most of the $0 and $1 items were acquired  
for next to nothing, almost all items are in near perfect condition.

In the past, I've given most books for free.  Looking back, it seems  
some people were taking books just to fill empty shelf space.  For  
this reason, I am asking $1 for many books that would have been free  
in the past.  There's still plenty of free stuff to go around.

I hope to donate most of the remaining $0 and $1 items to the ACLUG  
library.  I'll send a list of remaining items to Tom in 3-4 months and  
let him choose what he'd like to accept for the library.

If you'd like any of the $0 or $1 items, please list the items and let  
me know which upcoming ACLUG or NLUG event to bring the items to (ie:  
ACLUG on 06/08, NLUG on 06/10).  I might consider driving to meet you  
outside of a LUG event if you are covering my gas or wanting more than  
$10 worth of stuff.  I'll also mail this stuff if you can use PayPal  
and are willing to cover the cost of postage.  First come, first serve.



Items grouped by topic.  Price, Title, Author, ISBN

$1  Client/Server Data Access With Java and Xml Dan Chang       471245771
$1  Java in a Nutshell : A Desktop Quick Reference (Java Series) (3rd  
Edition)        David Flanagan  1565924878

$1  Building  Wireless Community Networks       Rob Flickenger  596002041
$1  Frame Relay Applications: Business and Technology Case Studies  
(Morgan Kaufmann Series in Networking)  James P. Cavanagh       1558603999

$1  Linux Network Servers 24 Seven      Craig Hunt      782125069
$1  Hack Proofing Your Ecommerce Site   L. Brent Huston - Teri Bidwell -  
Ryan Russell - Robin Walshaw - Oliver Steudler  192899427X
Barrie Sosinsky 1562057898

$1  Professional Apache (Professional)  Peter Wainwright        1861003021
$1  Sams' Teach Yourself Linux in 24 Hours      Bill Ball - Stephen Smoogen  
- Stephen Smoogen       672311623
$1  Sams Teach Yourself Samba in 24 Hours       Gerald Carter   672316099

$1  Windows 2000 Active Directory       Doug Hauger - William C. Wade - Ed  
Brovick 735708703
$1  Windows 2000 Security Little Black Book: The Hands-On Reference  
Guide for Establishing a Secure Windows 2000 Network    Ian McLean       
$1  MS Windows(r) 2000 Server Administrator's Companion Charlie Russel  
- Sharon Crawford       1572318198
$1  MS Windows(r) 2000 Performance Tuning Technical Reference   John  
Paul Mueller - Irfan Chaudhry   735606331
$1  MS Exchange 2000 Server Administrator's Companion   Walter J. Glenn  
- Bill English  735609381
$1  Mastering Tcp/IP for NT Server      Mark Minasi - Todd Lammle - Monica  
Lammle  782121233
$0  Inside Windows NT Server 4: Certified Administrator's Resource  
Edition (Inside)        Darin Camp - Michael Hayes - Howard Hilliker - Kathy  
Ivens - Brad McGehee -

$1  A+ Exam Cram: Pass the New A+ Certification Exam Expected to Go  
Live July 1998  James G. Jones  1576102513
$1  Network+ Exam Cram  Kalinda Reeves - Scott Reeves   1576104052
$1  CCNA Routing and Switching Exam Cram Second Edition (Exam:  
640-507)        Jason T. Waters - Matthew J. Rees - Jeffrey T. Coe - Matt  
Waters  1576106284
$0  MCSE Windows 2000 Server Exam Cram (Exam: 70-215)   Natasha Knight   
$0  MCSE Networking Essentials Exam Cram        Ed Tittel - Kurt Hudson - J.  
Michael Stewart - James Michael Stewart 1576101924
$0  MCSE NT Server 4 Exam Cram  Ed Tittel - Kurt Hudson - James M.  
Stewart 1576101908
$0  MCSE NT Workstation 4 Exam Cram     Ed Tittel - Kurt Hudson - J.  
Michael Stewart - James Michael Stewart 1576101932
$0  MCSE Exchange Server 5.5 Exam Cram (Exam: 70-081)   Ed Tittel -  
Barry Shilmover - Tim Catura-Houser     1576102297

$1  MS Office 97 Resource Library: Developer            1572316063
$0  Running MS Frontpage 98     Jim Buyens      1572316454
$0  Running MS Outlook 98 (Running)     Alan Neibauer   1572318406
$0  MS Official Hands-On Labs 2811A - Applying MS Security Guidance

$0  MS Windows 95 (Original CD w/ Book and COA)
$0  MS Windows 95 Upgrade (Retail - Book and COA - NO CD)
$0  MS Office 97 Professional Edition (Retail - Original Box, CD w/  
Book and COA)
$0  MS Windows NT 4 Workstation (Original Box, Manuals, CD, Floppies,  
$0  MS Visual Basic 5 Professional Edition (Retail/Academic w/ NT4  
Workstation) - I will include 4 extra VB5 books with this!

$0  Red Hat Linux 5.2 Operating System (Retail - Macmillan - Original  
Box, Manual, CDs)
$0  Sun Star Office 5.1 (Retail - Sun - Original Box, CD)
$0  Original Distribution CDs from Linux Mall - Red Hat Linux 5.2,  
Debian Official Linux 2.0, FreeBSD 2.2.8, Walnut Creek Slackware 3.6,  
Caldera OpenLinux 1.3 Lite, Mandrake Linux 5.3, Linux Pro 5.4

$10  Symantec pcAnywhere 10.5 Host and Remote (Retail - Original Box,  
Manuals, CDs)
$15  Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2001 Single-User (Retail - Original Box,  
Manuals, CDs) - I will include one book: QuickBooks 2001 Official  
Guide (0072130954)
$30  Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2005 Single-User (Retail - Original Box,  
Manuals, CDs)

$1  Robin Williams Design Workshop      Robin Williams - John Tollett    
$15  Designing Web Graphics - Third Edition     Lynda Weinman   1562059491
$90  Macromedia Studio MX Plus (Retail - Original Box, Book, CDs w/  
Key) - I will include two books: Flash MX Hands-On Training  
(0321112725) and Dreamweaver MX Hands-On Training (0321112725)

Jason Klein
Datility Networks, Inc.
Internet Hosting / Network Consulting
v 316 282 0774   f 316 263 4829
e jklein@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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