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[aclug-L] 2901 OzoneFarm News letter

[aclug-L] 2901 OzoneFarm News letter

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Subject: [aclug-L] 2901 OzoneFarm News letter
From: "tracking: top of region" <tractor@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001 11:50:38 -0500
Reply-to: discussion@xxxxxxxxx

Sorry I'm Late.
I went to camp last week.

I am committed to building community in this region and in cyberspace.

I have cleaned the Plow on some newsgroups.
If you have a news reader, please tune it to the following:

I have Built on to the Barn
I nailed the forward and intro from the e-Book onto the bottom (scroll

We have a new member from Plano, TX and one from Wichita, Kansas.
We now have a sponsor for one of our projects.

I am looking into Technical Analysis of the Stock Market as a research
project.  I am looking at the same tools the experts use and getting a
foothold in that aspect of economic reality. Here's a freebie from a new
friend of mine.

I am fighting the 'get rich quick' mentality that has almost ruined the
internet and the free enterprise system.  It is an enlightening process.

I am connecting with:
important government liaisons


other non-profits

and oodles and scads of entities out there in cyberspace.

You think We're alone out here in the Ozone?

A polite little note from the OzoneFarm donkey:
The Lincoln Room at the Big E is rented and paid for with my personal credit
card.  I have no Idea why at this point.  I will be there and you bunch of
losers are welcome to come in and party or whatever it is you do with your
spare time.  The lake has beer and girls in bikinis, but it should be a lot
cooler in the Hotel.  I won't bother you with any of this ozonefarm garbage
that you guys could care less about.  So come on out and kiss my ASS.
love, donkey

I have tied the donkey safely behind the barn.  I had to pin him against the
plow to get the rope on his halter.  Maybe a few carrots ($5) will settle
him down a bit.

This effort is making progress and will be worth more than can be imagined
using regular thought.  The vision is expanding and aggregating
exponentially and it is just a matter of time until the Idea of Community
catches on.  Disciplined research is a rare commodity and the ability to
conduct it can be sharpened in virtually anyone.  This type of work can be
done from any web-connected workstation by any focused individual.  It is
the engine of innovation. Here's a nice place to start.

The project list is now available to interested parties (investors of funds)
and the workgroups (investors of time).  Send an e-mail request to
me(tractor) or Steve(plow).  This list contains twenty-five years of careful
thought and planning on my part and will be tossed to the collective along
with Steve's.  The Intellectual Property contained in the book and in our
heads could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The most minute
instance of community is worth much more.
Here's some ideas.

Well you think about that.
I have to run.
Hope to see some of you on Saturday.  I hope to fire off one more newsletter
by then.  Stay Tuned.

If you do not wish to receive this newsletter blah blah blah.


the ozonefarm
tractor  _..._
 ___c\  /  _  \
[-###]@( | X | )plow.<
( o )   \__-__/

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