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[aclug-L] Re: A*** S** ADDICTS

[aclug-L] Re: A*** S** ADDICTS

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To: <discussion@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [aclug-L] Re: A*** S** ADDICTS
From: "Dale W Hodge" <dwh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2001 09:41:05 -0500
Reply-to: discussion@xxxxxxxxx

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> From: discussion-bounce@xxxxxxxxx [mailto:discussion-bounce@xxxxxxxxx]On
> Behalf Of Dale W Hodge

> > Seriously, how did this one sneak onto the list? Did they subscribe first?
> >
> > John
> I just checked the moderators list, and apparently this one is
> subscribed as it
> didn't require moderation.  (Your message, BTW, did) As soon as I
> learn how to,
> I'll unsubscribe the abuser.

(Repying to own message)

Well, Clint beat me to the punch on unsubscribing him.  The guy only subscribed
so he could spam us.  Unfortunately, there's no way to prevent someone from
doing just that, short of making the lists totally moderated. If the problems
worsen, we may have to consider just that. :-(


Dale W Hodge - dwh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Secretary & Website Maintainer - info@xxxxxxxxx
Air Capital Linux User's Group  (ACLUG)

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