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[aclug-L] Re: Road runner

[aclug-L] Re: Road runner

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To: discussion@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: [aclug-L] Re: Road runner
From: Nate Bargmann <n0nb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 8 May 2001 06:57:47 -0500
Reply-to: discussion@xxxxxxxxx

On Mon, May 07, 2001 at 11:29:20AM -0500, Ryan Claycamp wrote:
> At 11:09 AM 5/7/2001 -0500, you wrote:
> >I have not seen an issue with burying cable, as long as it is entrenched
> >inside some kind of conduit. I personally use a flexible plastic (I think
> >it's PVC) conduit to run CAT5 cable between buildings fairly frequently, and
> >haven't seen any issues as of yet.
> >
> We have CAT5 and telephone wire (is that CAT3?) running between two 
> buildings at work, its been at least fours years now, and haven't had any 
> problems.  The wire is in PVC pipe.
> Ryan
> >
> >I'm wanting to connect two computers and be able to be on the internet at
> >the same time on both. The problem is one computer is in another building.
> >Can I run cable from the house (buried under the surface) to the other
> >building to connect that computer?
> >
> >  It would probabley take 100 feet of cable, would this degrade the signal?

Experience shows this will work.  100 feet between the ethernet hub and
your machine will not be a problem as the Ethernet spec for a segment is
100 meters between devices.

As for long life, it would be better to use direct burial cable, however
it is expensive and a bear to work with (the wires are packed in 
anti-moisture gel and there is a metal sheath surrounding the wires
underneath the vinyl jacket), and requires telco style terminating
blocks with lightning protection built in.  Of course, this is the
professional solution.  For home use, the recommendation to use PVC
conduit is a good one so long as the joints are sealed to limit moisture
entry.  Cat 5 twisted pair should work fine.  If you're not too
concerned about price, check out the wiring supplies at a store like
Graybar.  They carry professional quality stuff and have a wide
selection of choices.

- Nate >>

P.S. This is the kind of stuff I do at work, so some free professional
advice.  :-)

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