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[aclug-L] Re: Linux for PlayStation2

[aclug-L] Re: Linux for PlayStation2

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To: <discussion@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [aclug-L] Re: Linux for PlayStation2
From: "Koji Hayakawa" <sylf00@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 1 May 2001 22:07:57 -0500
Reply-to: discussion@xxxxxxxxx

Maverick wrote:
> Dmesg show on the PS2 show
> hda: ST340823A, ATA DISK drive
> ide0 at 0xb4000040-0xb4000047,0xb400005c on irq 41
> hda: ST340823A, 38166MB w/1024kB Cache,
> CHS=4865/255/63, 
> ..........
> show 38G HD inside??? is that built-in?

Good question.

I hope these answer it.

-- Attached file included as plaintext by Listar --
-- File: PS2 Linux FAQ.txt

Q. Can I use the hard drive unit included in the kit for other
A. It is only compatible with "PS2" Linux Beta Release1.  We do
   not guarantee for use with any other software or environment.

Q. Can I use other USB keyboard or USB mouse?
A. "PS2" Linux Beta Release1 supports the industry standard
   USB devices.  However, we do not test any hardware outside of
   what is included in the kit.

Q. I only own TV.  Can I run Linux with it?
A. We assume the use of Linux with VGA monitor.  We do not support
   use of the product on regular televisions.

Q. Will all the source codes be disclosed?
A. All the source codes for the software which demand the release
   of its source will be included in the DVD disc.  But source
   codes for other softwares, such as "PlayStation 2" Runtime
   Environment, will not be released.

Q. Will all the hardware informations be released?
A. The hardware infomation/manual needed for EE or GS will be 
   included in the kit.

Q. Can I play CD or DVD with this?
A. You will not be able to access any discs (CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW,
   music CD, or DVD) outside of PlayStation 2 compatible
   CD-ROM and DVD-ROM.

Q. Can't I use SCPH-30000 with this?
A. Since the Hard Drive included in this kit connects to the 
   PlayStation 2 console via PC card, and a Hard Drive is needed
   to run "PS2 Linux", you can't use SCPH-30000 with this kit.

Q. What is Sync on Green?
A. It is a method of video signal output to the RGB monitor.
   Instead of using separate vertical and horizontal sync signals,
   the signals are combined in one green signal.
   Since the VGA adapter included in the kit uses this Sync on
   Green, a VGA monitor compatible with this technology is needed
   to use the kit.

Q. What are some monitors compatible with Sync on Green?
A. The list of tested monitor is publicized at
   For any monitors not listed on the page, please consult with the

Q. Can I write programs on PS2 Linux?
A. Yes.  Standard Linux development tools, such as gcc-2.95.2, are
   included in the kit.

Q. Can I write programs using VU0 or VU1?
A. Yes.  Assemblers for VU0 and VU1 (Vector Unit) are included.

Q. Are the graphic libraries provided?
A. Three API are included for graphic application development.
   A few sample programs are included as well.
       - direct call to the device driver for GS
       - low level graphics library
       - Mesa Graphics Synthesizer compatible console driver
         (No hardware accelration available in X11)

Q. How can I get this product?
A. The sales methode has not been decided.  This will be informed on
   our web site as more information become available.

Q. Can I get different components of the kit separately?
A. No.

Q. I heard that games for PlayStation 2 are developed on Linux.
   What are the relationship between them and this PS2 Linux?
A. In the game development platform, there are linux tools being used
   on PCs.  They are, however, complete different from this PS2 Linux.
   Any of the game development tools or any of the games will not
   run on PS2 Linux.

-- Attached file included as plaintext by Listar --
-- File: Linux for PS2 Press Release.txt

Press Release

This is the press release sent to various mass media companies by Sony
Computer Enterteinment Inc on April 26, 2001.

                                                         April 26, 2001
                                       Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc
                  Linux Kit for "Play Station 2" (Beta version)
                  To Be Released to Linux communities in Japan

Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. (SCEI) will start the shipment of
Linux Kit (Beta Version) for "Play Station 2" (PS2) beginning in
June to Japanese Linux communities.

Ever since the start of sales of PS2, there has been many reports of wish
for enjoying Linux programming on PS2 from in and out of this country.
This Linux Kit (Beta Version) is in response to the wishes of the Linux
community, as well as in means of support for the activities of Linux

Since the birth of Linux, it has been propagated at very rapid rate through-
out the world, and its use is growing in corporations and educational
institutions internationally.  In such situation, PS2 is thought as a new
platform for Linux, and there are also petitions for release of Linux for
PS2 on the web.  For an example, one web site[1] has collected over 4500
names in Japanese site and over 1500 names in English site since March,
as of today.

Linux Kit (Beta Version) for PS2 comprise of an external HDD with high
speed network interface (100 BASE-TX Ethernet), Beta version Linux install
disc (DVD-ROM), VGA adapter for sending PS2 graphic data to computer
monitor, USB keyboard, USB mouse, etc.  With these hardwares, it is
possible to load Linux with network capability, or to run network enabled
applications on PS2.[2]

This Linux Kit (Beta Version) is made for high resolution monitors, such
as XGA (1024x768 dpi).[3]  Also, the external HDD included in the kit is
compatible with the PC card slot on main PS2 console.  Also in consideration
at the moment is the adoption of the version for the expantion bay type
models, such as the newest model of PS2 (SCPH-30000) released on April 18.

For the release of this kit, we are in preparation of ways of purchasing
the product using the network, enabling a continuous communication with the
Linux communities.  We will be announcing more details about methodes of
purchasing and other informations on the web site, operated by our group's
company, PlayStation.Com, Inc.  One thousand kits will be sold at the
initial release, and more will be made available as the demand for the
product continues.

SCEI will continue to be the creator of new entertainment world, combining
games, music, movies, printed media and TV programs, centered around
Play Station and Play Station 2, continue to give ideas to the globally
networked society, and help to build the construction of global broadband

  [2] The source codes covered by GPL (GNU General Public License) will be
      released to the public.  The potion of the source codes fully covered
      by SCE lincense, however, will not be disclosed.
  [3] This product is not for use with regular televisions.
Product Name : Linux Kit (Beta Version) for Play Station 2, SCPH-10270 K
Price :        25,000 yen          (roughly $200.00)
Release Date:  June, 2001 (estimated)
Components:    Linux Beta Version Installation Disc (DVD-ROM)
               External HDD Unit (40 GB)
                  - Built-in 100 Base-TX high speed network interface
                  - Connected via PC Card Slot
               USB Keyboard
               USB Mouse
               VGA Adapter
For More Info: PlayStation.Com (Japan), Inc.

Copyright (C) 2001 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
 and Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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