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[aclug-L] AllPolitics E-Wire -- November 15

[aclug-L] AllPolitics E-Wire -- November 15

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Subject: [aclug-L] AllPolitics E-Wire -- November 15
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November 15, 1999

Budget deal is near

The White House and congressional Republicans have broken a major
budget logjam, raising hopes that both sides can work out an agreement
on the federal budget before the government's spending authority expires
Wednesday. The tentative agreement covers a spending bill that links
overseas family planning activities with the payment of nearly $1 billion in
back dues to the United Nations, House Speaker Dennis Hastert said
Sunday night. Although final details were not complete, the two sides were
working on a plan in which federally supported groups would be barred
from lobbying for liberalized abortion laws overseas.


Senate approves Moseley-Braun as New Zealand ambassador

With no debate, the Senate last week confirmed President Bill Clinton's
nomination of former Illinois Sen. Carol Moseley-Braun as the new
ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa. The chamber approved
Moseley-Braun's nomination by a vote of 96-2, closing the door on a
particularly nettlesome confirmation process that late last month threatened
to become a major distraction as the Senate prepared to adjourn for the year.
The nomination was only opposed by Sen. Peter Fitzgerald (R-Illinois), who
defeated Moseley-Braun in 1998, and by Sen. Jesse Helms (R-North Carolina),
who tangled with Moseley-Braun when she was a senator.

More details:

Polls: McCain moves into tie with Bush in New Hampshire

Sen. John McCain is in a statistical tie with Texas Gov. George W. Bush
for the Republican presidential race in New Hampshire, while Democrat
Bill Bradley has moved ahead of Vice President Al Gore in New York
and has made major gains in Iowa, according to new polls. Bush had
38 percent, compared to 35 percent for McCain, a difference within the
poll's 4 percentage point margin of error.


Veterans Day brings out the candidates

The highest-profile candidates for the 2000 Republican and Democratic
presidential nominations campaigned mightily last week on the final
Veterans Day of the 20th Century and the last such opportunity before
next November's elections. They attended memorial services, marched
in parades, and in some cases, touted their own military records.

More information:

Bradley gets Reich endorsement; holds fund-raiser on the court

Democratic presidential candidate Bill Bradley was endorsed by former Clinton
Cabinet member Robert Reich Monday, who said he was the best man for
the job. Bradley also returned to his NBA roots Sunday, assembling some of his
former New York Knicks teammates at a Madison Square Garden fund-raiser, which
netted an estimated $1.5 million from the 5,000 people who attended.


Quote of the Week

"I have come to believe that the bullet that kills a father wounds his children.
There were a lot of wounded children when I grew up, and extending the
difficulties of a single-parent household to another generation would
violate the promise I made to myself a thousand times as a child." Christopher
Kennedy on his decision not to run for a House seat in the Chicago
area. He is one of the sons of the late Robert F. Kennedy, who was
assassinated during his quest for the 1968 Republican presidential

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