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[aclug-L] Join author Michael Crichton on Wednesday!

[aclug-L] Join author Michael Crichton on Wednesday!

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Subject: [aclug-L] Join author Michael Crichton on Wednesday!
From: ChatWatcher@xxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 11:58:03 -0500
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Chat Watcher
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Welcome to CNN's ChatWatcher update, your source for
the best chats on the net.

Monday,  November 15

Book  chat at 4pm et
Chat with Bob Smith  about his latest book
"Way to Go Smith!." Smith, an openly gay comedian, shares
his experiences growing up and comical anecdotes about his
family and friends.

CNNenEspanol chat at 7:00pm et
Join Vicente Fox, PAN presidential candidate, to discuss
the political landscape in Mexico. Chat in Spanish.

Computing chat at 8:00pm et
Chat about the privacy of consumer information on the
Internet with Bob Lewin, Executive Director of TRUSTe.

Tuesday,  November 16
Q&A chat at 4:05pm et
Join our "Behind the Scenes with Q&A Chat" following
the show, and ask Q&A producer Wayne Gray your questions.

Wednesday, November 17
Book chat at 1pm et
Join Michael Crichton, author of "Jurassic Park" and
"Disclosure" and chat about his latest book, "Timeline."

Friday, November 19
Health chat at 1pm et
Chat about health and medical issues in the news
and ask the experts your questions!

Food chat at 2:15pm et
Thanksgiving is just around the corner, are you prepared?
Chat with Mark Pierce, Head Chef at,
for tips on how to make your holiday successful.

Q&A chat at 4:05pm et
Chat with Henry Louis Gates, author of
"Africana: The Encyclopedia of the African and
African-American Experience," and "Wonders of the
African World" after his on-air appearance on Q&A.

News Quiz at 10pm et
Join our weekly CNN News Quiz to test your knowledge and
have some laughs!

Sunday, November 21

Late Edition chat at 12pm et
Join our chat-along with CNN's Late Edition and chat with
other viewers during the live program which interviews the
newsmakers of the day


Over the past week, had chat guests ranging from
champagne experts to historians to film writers. Below are
just a few quotes from soem recent chats. You can find complete transcripts at

Interesting facts from our November 11 chat with champagne
expert Ed McCarthy:

Question from Cathy: I heard there will be a shortage of
champagne this New Years.. Is that true?

Ed McCarthy: The problem is, this year there has been an
inordinate amount of champagne sold, in the United States especially... But, 
there will be champagne available I'm
sure even up to New Years Eve.

Question from ron_s: I'd like to know what are some good inexpensive champagnes.

Ed McCarthy: First of all, you have to look at the
non-vintage brut category...Bollinger Special.  Cuve`e
is another one.
From our November 10 chat with writer/director Kevin Smith:

Question from Lusiphur: I hear that Jay and Silent Bob
may only have one movie left and then only be seen in print
and the "Clerks" animated series (which sounds so great).
Is that true?

Kevin Smith: Let me ask you this. How funny would it be
to see a 45-year-old Jay and Silent Bob still trading on
the same tired (snootchie-ootchie) material? Sooner or
later, me and Mewes have to let our screen alter egos
go quietly into that already overcrowded cemetery of
has-beens and one-joke wonders. You'll find us interred
somewhere between Bill and Ted and Bob and Doug,
two rows behind Erkle.

Our news geek of the week is biffbampow, who won the weekly
News Quiz with 15 Points!

The Saturday Night Trivia Quiz ended in a tie between ron_s
and JE with 23 points each.

Topic chats for week of November 15th

CNN Almanac/interesting facts  3-4pm Monday, November 15
Table Etiquette and manners 2-3pm Tuesday, November 16
Kids Do the Darnedest Things 4 -5pm Tuesday, November 16
The Occidental Tourist  2-3pm Wednesday, November 17
Dumb criminals and fringe news 4-5pm Wednesday, November 17
Entertainment chat 5-6pm Thursday,  November 18
Space Chat  3-4pm Friday, November 19
Millennium 2000 Chat 5-6 pm Friday, November 19
Week in Review Chat 7-8pm Saturday, November 20
Trivia Chat  8-9pm Saturday, November 20
Religion Chat 11-12pm Saturday, November 20


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