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Re: [aclug-L] Network Cards!!

Re: [aclug-L] Network Cards!!

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To: aclug-L@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [aclug-L] Network Cards!!
From: John Goerzen <jgoerzen@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 30 Jun 1998 00:05:07 -0500
Reply-to: aclug-L@xxxxxxxxxxxx

sohel <sohel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Ok here are the cards:
> 1. D-Link DE-220pct ISA adapter Pnp(Can be truned off)

Hmm, never heard of this one before.  Most network cards are
supportted -- you can find out in the network devices section in the
kernel configuration.

> 2.SMC EZ card 10-1660T Isa Adapter Pnp(Can be turned off and be used as
> a NE2000 compatible mode)

Just about any NE2000 card is supported.

> Are these cards supported??? Any thoughts/ideas would be greatly
> appreciated.

For 10 megabit cards, generally you can't go wrong with a NE2000.  We
have had good luck with the DEC Tulip-based 100 Megabit cards.

> I am also looking into another card form SMC.. umm SMC etherexpress i
> think.

Yes, some of the SMC cards used the Tulip.  They work well.

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