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[announce] Aclug Re-organization

[announce] Aclug Re-organization

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To: <announce@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [announce] Aclug Re-organization
From: "Info" <info@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 00:35:55 -0600
Reply-to: announce@xxxxxxxxx

This is a brief announcement of what transpired at the Re-orginzational meeting
on Feb 11th.

It was decided that the various duties were going to be split among four

1) The Organizational
    Lead Chairperson - Jon Hall
    Treasurer - John Alexander
    Secretary - Dale Hodge
    Presentation Chair - James Lancaster
    Activities Chair - Anne McCadden
    WebDev Chair - Tom Hull
    Resource Facilitator - Tom Wallis

2) Presentation Committee -  James Lancaster, Chair
    In charge of Topics, Speakers, Meeting Space
    for the 2nd Monday Monthly meetings

3) WebDev Committee - Tom Hull, Chair
    In charge of Server Admin, Content Development
    Documentation, FAQ's, Tutorials, etc

4) Activities Committee - Anne McCadden, Chair
    In charge of Installs, Demos, and Non Presentation
    meetings, etc.

New lists are being created for those members who would like to assist the
presentation, webdev and activities committees. An announcement will be made
when these lists are available.

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