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ACLUG News; ACLUG Meeting January 25

ACLUG News; ACLUG Meeting January 25

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Subject: ACLUG News; ACLUG Meeting January 25
From: John Goerzen <jgoerzen@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 5 Jan 1999 20:55:50 -0600
Reply-to: aclug@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hello Everyone,

I hope you have had a great holiday season!

First, let me announce that the next meeting of the Air Capital Linux Users
Group (ACLUG) will be held Monday, January 25, 1999 at 7/7:30 PM in 260
Jabara Hall on the campus of Wichita State University.  I will be following
up shortly with the traditional detailed explanation of what's coming up at
the meeting.

I have received the materials from our free membership in GLUE (Groups of
Linux Users Everywhere).  These include some extra-special bonus goodies
(pretty cool!).  There are also special forms for ACLUG members (remember,
if you show up at a meeting, you can consider yourself a member) to
subscribe to Linux Journal for 2 years for $29.95.  (Normally, one year is
$22).  These forms will be made available at the 25th meeting.

For the other items, I am thinking of some sort of Linux trivia contest. 
People that want to play can, and perhaps the rest of the audience can
submit some questions to ask.  This is just a new idea, so details are
foggy, but discussion is invited in aclug-L.

Other tentative topics on the slate for that meeting are:

 * Year 2000 status of Linux and applications
   + the special significance of 2038
   + a brief history of the issue
   + and why you'll be REALLY glad you're using Linux when January 1 arrives
 * What the Free Software (Open Source) idea is, why it's
   so successful, and why it makes good sense for software
   quality and business.
 * Linux trivia contest?
 * Discussion about the next ACLUG Free Linux Install.  I'd like to
   schedule this for early February; lots of people are anxious for it.
 * Various other pending business (I'll keep it short)
 * Discussion about topics that people would like to see explored in
 * Other topics that may be suggested in the list in time for preparation
   for the meeting.
 * Kernel 2.2, if it's released.
 * And of course, Q&A.

One reason I'm announcing this so far ahead of time is that I'd like to see
where people would like to see us go.  Feel free to send your comments to me
or to aclug-L.

In other news, the Linux kernel has entered deep freeze for release 2.2. 
2.2.0pre4 is now out.  Expect great things from 2.2!

Finally, this seems a fitting time to say thanks to everyone that has helped
out with ACLUG.  Thanks especially to the Wichita State Computer Science
Department for letting us meet there and helping make equipment available,
and to Bryan K. Reed for hosting for us for free.

John Goerzen
ACLUG president
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