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Exciting Linux news!

Exciting Linux news!

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To: aclug-announce@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Exciting Linux news!
From: John Goerzen <jgoerzen@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 06:18:19 -0600
Reply-to: aclug@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hello everyone,

A few things to mention.

First, the big news -- according to C|net, "WordPerfect jumps on
the Linux bandwagon".  We'll forgive them for not noticing that this
actually happened about two years ago <grin>.  The big news is that
*today*, the no-cost Linux version of WordPerfect will be available for
download!  There will also be a paid version, which will include manuals, a
CD-ROM, clip art, and tech support, which will be available in about two
weeks for $70. is actually going to carry it starting

   (Corel's announcement itself.)
   (Get it from there starting tomorrow!)

We hope to see every Internet connection into Wichita saturated with people
downloading WordPerfect :-)

Secondly, just a reminder that there will be no more ACLUG meetings this
year.  Your suggestions for meeting topics and times are encouraged; you may
send them to the list at aclug-L@xxxxxxxxxxxx or to aclug@xxxxxxxxxxxx.

Now a few more items of news:

 * Linux market share went up 212% over the last year (,4,30027,00.html?
   Linux accounted for 2/10 percent fewer shipments in 1998 less than
   all other Unices combined.

 * Microsoft Exchange mail server delayed or completely lost
   e-mail bound for the House members voting on important issues.
   Sendmail, the Unix mail program that delivers about 80% of the
   world's e-mail, would have performed fine in that situation.

 * Kernel 2.2 is really, really, really close to being released.

 * There are rumors that Apple may ship LinuxPPC boxes.

 * XFree86 will be integrating Mesa into itself, providing 3D capabilities
   built in.

And most of these items have appeared within the last 1 or 2 days!

I wish you all happy holidays!  We'll plan to resume meetings in January!

John Goerzen
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