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Welcone to ACLUG!

Welcone to ACLUG!

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To: aclug-announce@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Welcone to ACLUG!
From: John Goerzen <jgoerzen@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 24 Mar 1998 23:52:20 -0600
Reply-to: aclug@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hello and thanks for your interest in ACLUG!

News today:
  ACLUG introduces two new mailing lists
  Free Linux Install to be rescheduled
  Latest Linux News on-line (Linux wins an InfoWorld award!)
  Getting Linux Help

ACLUG now has two mailing lists -- aclug-announce (this list), which
carries various announcements for ACLUG.  There will be only a few
posts (generally no more than one every 1 or 2 weeks), so your mailbox 
will not be cluttered.

There is also the aclug-L list (ACLUG discussion/support).  In this
list, we try to answer all your Linux questions.  It is a free-for-all 
list -- anybody can post a question or comment, and anybody can

Details on these lists, as well as list archives, can be found on the
Web at:

We had a great turnout on March 19 despite the foot of snow and
cancellation of the evening event.  However, we're aware that there
were a lot of people that couldn't make it due to the weather.  We
will be determining a new time.  As soon as we have a good time
picked, we'll let you know by posting on this list.  Also, some future 
Linux activities that we are considering include: Linux sound
configuration, Linux PPP configuration, upgrading your Linux system,
Linux applications showcase, etc.  Your ideas and comments are

ACLUG has a new Linux news page online at:

You can find details of all the latest ACLUG happenings, plus all the
latest Linux news from around the globe.  Of special interest right
now: InfoWorld has named Linux as a Best Product of the Year for 1997, 
and MSNBC is calling Linux a significant competitor to Microsoft.
Links to these stories and more can be found on the news page.

A lot of you have been enjoying your new Linux systems after our Free
Linux Installation event.  But there are bound to be questions.
That's great!  Send your questions to the ACLUG discussion list at
aclug-L@xxxxxxxxxxxx.  Better yet -- subscribe to the list yourself.
You can find instructions for doing so at  By subscribing, you can 
see other people's questions and the answers to them.  This can
provide valuable insight into Linux for you.

All types of questions and comments are welcome -- questions about
installing or configuring Linux, looking for various Linux software,
or suggestions for future ACLUG events.

If all else fails, we can almost always at least point you to someone
that does know the answer to your question.

Good luck, and happy Linuxing!

John Goerzen             | Developing for Debian GNU/Linux (
Custom Programming       | Debian GNU/Linux is a free replacement for
jgoerzen@xxxxxxxxxxxx    | DOS/Windows -- check it out at
uuencode - < /vmlinux | mail -s "Windows NT security fix" bgates@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

This is the Air Capitol Linux Users Group announcements list.  If you
want to unsubscribe, send the word "unsubscribe" to
aclug-announce-request@xxxxxxxxxxxx.  If you have a question about the
list or want to submit an item for announcement, send it to

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