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[wsu-acm] Complete.Org Mailing List News

[wsu-acm] Complete.Org Mailing List News

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To: jgoerzen@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [wsu-acm] Complete.Org Mailing List News
From: John Goerzen <jgoerzen@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 1999 22:35:18 -0600


The mailing list archives WWW site was down for a few hours this
evening for an internal redesign to use 4-digit years.  The site is back up
now, with all its normal content.  FYI, the URL to the archives is:

Be aware that the URLs to get to posts now use 4-digit years as well.  I
have installed a rewrite engine that will take old 2-digit URLs and
transform them into 4-digit URLs, but this will not stay forever, so please
update any links to archived documents.

FYI, there are also plans to eventually migrate from Majordomo
to another list-management package.  This will provide list subscribers with
much more control over how they receive mail, a simplified interface to
receiving digests, faster mail delivery, and more.  The new software will be
phased in gradually, on a list-by-list basis, and more details will be sent
before it is in place.  The transition should be largely transparent to you,
so don't worry about difficulty during the transition.  I hope to begin the
process within a few weeks.

John Goerzen

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