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[webdev] Re: questions

[webdev] Re: questions

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To: <webdev@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [webdev] Re: questions
From: "Dale W Hodge" <dwh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2003 23:16:47 -0600
Reply-to: webdev@xxxxxxxxx

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> Sent: Friday, October 31, 2003 1:19 AM
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> Subject: [webdev] questions
> Dale & I are scheduled to do some sort of presentation on the
> ACLUG website next meeting. I have a couple of questions (mostly
> for Dale here):
>   1) There was talk about moving the site to a faster machine and
>      connection -- JA has some sort of deal there. Has that been
>      done?

Not yet.  JA and I have been going over the details.  I imagine we'll put off
the actual move until after the meeting if possible. It'll depend on whether our
existing server can remain available that long.

>   2) What pieces of software are on the website? This would
>      include the postnuke release #, any independent modules
>      added, and any files (as opposed to database data) that
>      have been manually added, such as the "about ACLUG" page.

The stats page reports it as, but I'm fairly sure it's been
patched to a later version.  As for modules, there's the Calendar, Photo Gallery
and Wiki. The 'About Aclug' and 'Mailing List Manager' are manually added pages
that are written with special code inserted to make the required calls to wrap
it inside a 'normal' postnuke page. Some things may have to change when we move
to the new server since it's a hosted environment.

> I would also appreciate any questions or comments you have
> about the website -- give us something to build the presentation
> around. (Mostly to date I've heard things like "how do I work
> with it?")

I really thought most of it was self evident, but perhaps not. I'm not sure how
to best present this. If we had a live connection, it would be easy.


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