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Re: MS Outlook 'mark as old'

Re: MS Outlook 'mark as old'

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To: liy12@xxxxxxxxx
Cc: offlineimap@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: MS Outlook 'mark as old'
From: "Jean-Yves Avenard" <jyavenard@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2008 08:27:12 +1000


2008/6/24 Yuelin Li <liy12@xxxxxxxxx>:
> I am posting to offlineimap in the hopes that others on the list have a 
> similar configuration and a solution to my problem.  I use offlineimap in 
> cron jobs to sync emails between a Linux desktop (Ubuntu 8.04 and mutt) and 
> an email server running Microsoft Exchange.
> The problem is that Outlook seems to automatically mark emails as 'old'.  So 
> periodically, on mutt, some emails switched from Read to Old.  Is there an 
> option in Outlook to disable this?   I don't use Evolution on Linux.  And I 
> am afraid that Evolution may give me the same problem.

I use a similar setting, and I do not have such issue.
Evolution or whatever email client you're using shouldn't make a difference.

The only *problem* with Exchange is that when offlineimap sync, MS
Exchange set the time and date of the email to when the
synchronisation is done and not the date of the original message.
This can be a pain when you do the first sync. All emails will have
the same date ..

I'm not sure if it's something offlineimap could fix.
I didn't do this with Exchange 2003, only Exchange 2007 shows this behaviour


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