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Re: Mac, Problematic Message, Exchange

Re: Mac, Problematic Message, Exchange

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To: Taylor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: offlineimap@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Mac, Problematic Message, Exchange
From: John Goerzen <jgoerzen@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 13:37:17 -0500

On Thu, Sep 22, 2005 at 03:56:15PM -0400, Taylor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> First and foremost I would like to thank you, John, for such an  
> immensely useful tool. I've been using offlineimap on a gentoo box at  
> my house for quite some time, and to it I attribute much peace of  
> mind. :)

Great! :-)

> * Problem 1, Tk.Blinkenlights /sort of/ works on the Mac, but the  
> additional dialog that opens up never seems to display properly and  
> moving the mouse over the Tk dialog (i.e. to move the window, display  
> the log, etc.) produces only a spinning beachball [screenshot  
> attached]. I've thus reverted to Curses for manual sync and  
> Noninteractive for cron.

I must say that I am not all that surprised.  I've learned that Tkinter
(the Tk layer for Python) is not, shall we say, the most stable.  I
think it's wise to just opt for the Curses interface.

> * Problem 2, Trying to synchronize my work account, which lives on an  
> Exchange server [blech] fails repeatedly at a specific email,  
> producing a whole spew of errors, ending with a "MemoryError". I've  
> attached an abbreviated log using TTY.TTYUI with IMAP debug turned  
> on. I snipped out much of the beginning of the log, but if you'd like  
> to see the whole thing, I'll be happy to fwd it along. [file:  
> oi_errors_mcg]

The mailing list unfortunately snipped this out.  Just a question first:
are you trying to sync any folders whose names contain asterisks?

If you could e-mail that full log to me directly, that'd be great.

-- John

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