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Re: Status of version 5?

Re: Status of version 5?

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To: Hans-Christian Prytz <hp@xxxxxxxxx>
Cc: offlineimap@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Status of version 5?
From: John Goerzen <jgoerzen@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 08:35:14 -0600

On Thu, Dec 11, 2003 at 03:13:46PM +0100, Hans-Christian Prytz wrote:
> Hi, I can't seem to find the place I found the alpha version of 
> offlimeimap version 5. What is the current status of this?
> (I'm waiting to se if it will be able to handle nnimap tags....)

Right now, it is not getting a lot of attention.  I am working on a book
that is due in February, so I have little time to spend on OfflineIMAP.

Alpha versions are available at:

As present, the alpha versions work fine with the TTY interface.  The
Noninteractive ones are probably OK, too.  The Curses and Tk interfaces
have yet to be rewritten.  Also, a few features remain missing:
single-tasking operations, for one.  (Yes, it was easier to write the
multi-connection code first <g>)

Contributors are encouraged to use the tla ( repository:

  Name: jgoerzen@xxxxxxxxxxxx--projects
  Check out: configs--head--1.0
  Then: tla buildcfg offlineimap

If you've never heard of tla before, it can be thought of as a massively
distributed version control system, similar in an abstract sense to
bitkeeper.  It is GPL'd and is used by the Xouvert XFree86 project.  A
key benefit is that it allows branching and merging to occur across
repository boundaries.

As for nnimap, I don't plan to implement that myself.  However, I would
be pleased to apply a repository/ and folder/
patch to the source tree.

If you want to hack on OfflineIMAP yourself (and don't care about the
manual, which is fine), you can do this:

tla make-archive myname@xxxxxxxxxxx--hacking /home/myname/foo
tla register-archive jgoerzen@xxxxxxxxxxxx--projects \
tla my-default-archive myname@xxxxxxxxxxx--hacking
tla archive-setup offlineimap--dev-twisted--0.5
tla tag jgoerzen@xxxxxxxxxxxx--projects/offlineimap--dev-twisted--0.5
tla cacherev offlineimap--dev-twisted--0.5
tla get offlineimap--dev-twisted--0.5 offlineimap

[ Yes, it's a lot, but it's got some optimizations and shows you how to
do some initial tla setup that you may have already done. ]

You now have your own archive, that is a branch off mine.  You can go in
there, hack around, commit changes, etc, etc, etc.

Then later, you can publish your archive somewhere and just e-mail me
the link.  On my end, I can just run:

tla star-merge myname@xxxxxxxxxxx--hacking/offlineimap--dev-twisted--0.5
tla commit -s "Merged in those excellent Windows 3.1 patches"

And poof, all your changes, complete with change history, are integrated
into my archive.  You can also keep yours up-to-date with mine:

tla star-merge jgoerzen@xxxxxxxxxxxx--hacking/offlineimap--dev-twisted--0.5
tla commit -s "Merged in that crap from Goerzen"

You can also just e-mail me a representation of the changes from my tree
to yours:

tla mkpatch jgoerzen@xxxxxxxxxxxx--hacking/offlineimap--dev-twisted--0.5 \
    offlineimap--dev-twisted--0.5 ../foo

Whew, more of an answer than you were expecting, huh? :-)

-- John

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