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[linux-help] Moving to Kubuntu

[linux-help] Moving to Kubuntu

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Subject: [linux-help] Moving to Kubuntu
From: bbales <bbales@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2005 20:34:27 -0500
Reply-to: linux-help@xxxxxxxxx

I am slowly moving to Kubuntu, the KDE version of Ubuntu, which is based on 
Debian.  Kubuntu has the slickest install I have ever encountered; asked 
just the right questions in a way I could understand them.  Might be tough 
for a real newbie, but I thought it was great.

After I got the internet working, I found that on reboot I had to always do 
"route add default gw eth0"
bit to get through the firewall.  The routing table always always showed 
the Kubuntu box itself as the gateway.  In Redhat, doing the route add 
thing once made it permanent. Finally discovered a file 
/etc/network/interfaces which called out the Kubuntu box as its own 
gateway -- changed this and it works OK on bootup.

Is this a Debian thing and if so what is the rational?

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