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[linux-help] Re: mp3 sorting issues :(

[linux-help] Re: mp3 sorting issues :(

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To: linux-help@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: [linux-help] Re: mp3 sorting issues :(
From: dustin@xxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 14:01:25 -0500
Reply-to: linux-help@xxxxxxxxx

Quoting Jeremy Johnstone <jsjohnst@xxxxxxxxxx>:

> If your still needing help with this, I would be willing to give examples in
> Bash or PHP (CLI). I am not much of a Perl fan so although I could do it in
> Perl, I try to stay away from it.
> -Jeremy

I have for the most part got it to work.  Anything you would like to input would
be greatly appreciated, however!  I am always up for new ideas...

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