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[linux-help] Seeking employment opportunities

[linux-help] Seeking employment opportunities

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Subject: [linux-help] Seeking employment opportunities
From: "dec2955" <dec2955@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2002 23:50:51 -0600
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Dear Friend:

It is beginning to look as if this will be the first Christmas where I will
be unemployed since I entered the work force in 1970.

You may not know me personally, but a mutual friend forwarded me an email,
which had your email address, attached.

I am asking for your help in finding full time employment in the current
tight job market in the Wichita, Kansas’s area.

Currently the State of Kansas list only, 1833 Job listing with 32679 job
seekers. Or odds close to 18 to 1 of finding a job anywhere in the whole

Since close to 90% of employment opportunities are never advertised or
listed with employment agencies and are passed on by word of mouth. I am
asking for your help in getting a foot in the door in this large percentage
of the job market.

I have a background in computer support, shipping, receiving, inventory and

A copy of my current resume can be reviewed at:

So if you happen to know of any employment opportunity please forward
information on how I can apply for the opening to me and or have your human
resource manager contact me.

I have even gone back to former employers and applied for work, which I had
quit working for in the past for better job opportunities!

If you feel that you can never help me and wish me to drop your name from my
mailing list please just mail me back requesting it and I will remove your
name from my address book.

Thanks for your time and understanding.

David Carmichael

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