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Email Marketing Resources

Email Marketing Resources

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Subject: Email Marketing Resources
From: havoc <havoc10001@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2003 14:05:49 -0500
Reply-to: havoc10001@xxxxxxxxx

Dear Business owner,

Email marketing works!  There's no way around it.
No other medium let's you share your offer with more 
people for less than the cost of a small classified ad.


1. It's far cheaper. Using production costs only, it is 10 times 

2. It's quicker. Email campaigns tend to be quicker to execute and to 
get results, 
which can be tracked immediately after responses are sent out, whereas 
direct mailings 
can take several weeks to get any kind of feedback. This quick response 
time allows 
marketers to customize and adjust their campaigns to maximize 

3. Email can be more easily personalized to include recipient's name 
and other information. 

4. The response rate of email campaigns is not significantly different 
from direct mailing campaigns, 
with both being around 1%. Obviously, the more targeted your campaign 
is, the better your 
response rate to either campaign will be. 

We can supply you with everything you need to launch a successful email 

Bullet proof web hosting
Free emailing software
Free lists management software
Email broadcasting services
128 million verified email addresses on a CD for $200.
10 million verified business email addresses on a CD for $100.

For more information:

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