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Re: Search ...

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To: Emanuele Coscia <cosciaf.e@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: hpcomm@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Search ...
From: Mitch Davis <mjd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2000 21:15:12 +0000

Emanuele Coscia wrote:
> Thanks for the result but j searcha trasform integral of Fourier for
> HP49G
> and if possible ... what j can add any variable for hp49g?
> and what j can subscive for mailing list?

Hello Emanuele,

Please note this list is only for discussion of the HPComm
program, which is for connecting your calculator and PC.  We
cannot answer general questions about your HP calculator.

Here are some ideas on where you might find the answer:


mailto:mjd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | Certified Linux Evangelist!

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