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Bugs in latesst HPComm 3.0r3b3

Bugs in latesst HPComm 3.0r3b3

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To: hpcomm-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Bugs in latesst HPComm 3.0r3b3
From: Irl Smith <Irl_W_Smith@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 08:43:46 -0500

Translation problems:
I have a directory containing a program "LS#R0" where in the HP the "#"
character is actually a right-arrow. I wish to upload it to the PC and
have its internal characters not be garbled, i.e.
In mode 1, the calculator pane in HPComm displays file names with
nonprinting characters. Upload from the HP48 (in "mode 0" or "mode 1")
is successful except that there are nonprinting characters in the file
(not surprisingly).
Switch to mode 3; refresh the view and now the file names in the HPComm
window for the calculator have the slash-character equivalents.
Example: The routine mentioned is now displayed in the window as
"LS\->R0". This is the properly translated name. Drag it to the PC pane;
HPComm says it will have to rename the file; click OK; the calculator
then beeps and says "Invalid Name".
I recall there is a limitation on translation between the PC and the
calculator. Is there any mode setting which will allow me to upload
variables from the HP whose names are not printable (i.e. require
translation)? This is a serious limitation; there is a workaround, which
is to manually copy the routines to a new directlry and rename them as
you go, then upload the renamed versions, but this is not a quality
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