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Bug in hpcomm 3.1

Bug in hpcomm 3.1

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To: hpcomm-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Bug in hpcomm 3.1
From: Arnold <postbus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 1999 23:59:11 +0100

Dear Mitch,

Playing around with hpcomm 3.1 I discovered a major bug.

I started the program without putting the hp49 in server mode.

In version 3.0r2, after trying to connect, the program showed a "connection
failed" msgbox indicating to put the calculator in servermode witt [RS]
rightarrow. Using version 3.1 this did not happen, but the (split)screen

Then, after putting the calc in servermode, when I used the option doubleclick
to connect, the program dumped to windows with the following error-message:

Exception 0E in 0028:C0031180 in VxD ---. Called from 0028:C02A5B74 in VxD ---.
You  may be able to proceed.

Returning in hpcomm the connection failed msgbox had appeared, suggesting the
[RS] rightarrow procedure, which I did.

The calculator showed "Connecting", "Processing command", but the connection
failed. After this the calc tryed to make the connection, according to the
messages "retry 1" ....."retry 3".
I had to abondon using the ON-key.
hpcomm showed the message "internal error"

When I tried to close the hpcomm application in the PC, I got:

Fatal exception 0E in 0028:C0031180. The PC was stuck, I had to restart using
the resetbutton.

I'm using Win98.

I hope this helps to find & repair the bug.

Arnold Steekelenburg.

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