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HPComm: New beta version 3.0r3b6 (3.0r3 very close)

HPComm: New beta version 3.0r3b6 (3.0r3 very close)

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Subject: HPComm: New beta version 3.0r3b6 (3.0r3 very close)
From: Mitch Davis <mjd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 0:26:11 EDT

Dear HPComm friends,

James and I have just released a new beta version of HPComm 3.0r3.
The version number is 3.0r3b6.

Please try it out!  If this looks good, we'll release this as HPComm
3.0r3 so we really need your help.

Here are the changes since beta 5:

 - HPComm now works correctly when connected to an HP49G calculator
   set in French or Spanish mode. (Symptoms were object types and
   icons not correctly displayed). 

 - HPComm has been updated with new icons for every possible official
   object type. No exceptions! 

I would appreciate people trying this version and giving their
feedback.  Bug reports welcome!

In particular, I would like feedback on whether operations inside
of subdirectories on the calculator side works ok.

Details on the new version, including how to FTP and install it,
are available from this page:



Mitch and James.
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