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[gopher] urlchange and some other info

[gopher] urlchange and some other info

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To: <gopher@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [gopher] urlchange and some other info
From: "Ruliz Galaxor" <killspy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2004 02:30:30 +0100
Reply-to: gopher@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi all,

My gopher (PuntGopher) has changed from
gopher:// to gopher:// so
please update your links, that includes the ones to the wapservice at This all has the advantage that the
url won't change when the IP changes. :)

Besides that I found the following message on gopher://
> For Gopher-Users:
> Thank you for using Gopher of DDBJ.
> DDBJ has decided to stop Gopher service on December 26, this year(2003).
And as of this moment (January 8, 2004) is it down. The host is still
reachable through FTP. Too bad, another server down.

The good news is I found a link on the gopher while it was still working (a
few days ago) to another gopher which is not in the floodgap/world
directory: gopher://
That's it for now, but I believe there are some more gophers down which are
still mentioned at floodgap/world, I was just lucky browsing through
gopherspace to see the notice.



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