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[gopher] Re: pygopherd & ASK

[gopher] Re: pygopherd & ASK

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To: gopher@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [gopher] Re: pygopherd & ASK
From: Alexey Vyskubov <alexey@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 22:37:31 +0300
Reply-to: gopher@xxxxxxxxxxxx

> Yes and no.  PyGopherd is capable of presenting ASK blocks to a client, but
> is not capable of processing the results itself (the Gopher+ handler does
> not support datablocks coming in from the client.)
> This was never really an issue because only one client has ever supported
> them, and that is UMN gopher, so they are not terribly versatile.

Hmm. That's what /usr/share/doc/forg/README says on my system:
---=== Features ===---

Everything listed here actually does work, well at least most of the


- ASK menus - users can interract with programs on foreign servers
  through the use of miniature questionnaires.

> If you want that support, it would not be too hard to add.

Yes. I just was not sure: maybe I did not find how to use it :)

> > 2. Why if I set up VIEWS in pyg module for an entry I see this view
> > duplicated in gopher client?
> Can you post your PYG code for me to take a look at?

Yes, I'll clean it up to localize this problem and post the code.

> PyGopherd does support +VIEWS.  It will return a view selection to your Pyg
> as the searchrequest (protocol.searchrequest).

Thanks. I did not find it myself...

> > P.S. I tried to patch pygopherd to add '?' after port instead of '+' if
> > entry.gopherpsupport is 2; and then in pyg module using
> > entry.setea('ASK',...). I managed to get my question on screen in my
> > gopher client but afterwards I get an empty screen. It seems that
> > 'write' method of entry is called, but I see nothing I write there on
> > screen (it works if I'm not using ASK form).
> I didn't follow this paragraph, could you be a little more precise?  (Which
> file were you patching, etc.) Original code is

        if entry.getgopherpsupport():
            return retval + "\t+\r\n"
            return retval + "\r\n"

So if I generate item inside menu generated in pyg module, it is sent
like [...] host port +, and, AFAIK, it should be [...] host port ? .

I tried to use not only 0/1 for gopherpsupport, but also 2, generating
[...] host port ? in for 2.

Then if I create an item with gopherpsupport=2 and setea('ASK', 'Ask: is
it something reasonable?') I can get my question on screen in client
(and item itself is displayed as ASK form, with <??> mark). But I always
get an empty file as request result in a client.

Maybe I was doing something completely wrong.

By the way, don't you want to put latest pygopherd on your gopher
server? subversion in Debian unstable is broken...

Alexey Vyskubov
(at home)
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