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[gopher] Re: V-2 is indexing again

[gopher] Re: V-2 is indexing again

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To: gopher@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [gopher] Re: V-2 is indexing again
From: Stewartonswalies@xxxxxxx
Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2001 00:32:26 EDT
Reply-to: gopher@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hey dude--Rob here from Bald Head Island, North Carolina (so-named because 
this island I live on has a southwest corner which is BALD or completely 
devoid of vegetation). I was just emailing you to say I think all this 
computer stuff oyu have done on your website is pretty cool.  I cannot 
remember if it was you or not who I emailed a few months ago re: gopher and a 
search for civil war "411." ANyway I am still new at this gopher 
stuff--hwoever a professor I had in 1998 said gopher is very informative and 
a good tool to use on the web.  I hope I can learn this stuff at the old age 
of 33 (I whs gopher would ake me look older--I am 33 and I get carded for 
beer I buy for my dad !! (I don't drink myself).  Take it easy and thanks 
again for your hard work.  God Bless you.  In Christ, Rob

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