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[gopher] misc stuff

[gopher] misc stuff

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To: Gopher/+ Mailinglist <gopher@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [gopher] misc stuff
From: Stephan Beyer <s-beyer@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 17:34:08 +0200
Reply-to: gopher@xxxxxxxxxxxx


On gopher:// I read that "There is
now a push to bring Gopher support back to Mozilla, so this may yet be 
fixed by the time you read this."
And it is fixed ;) I use Mozilla 0.9.1 (Gecko/20010620) and I can browse
The source format Mozilla shows of a gopher list is like this:
300: gopher://
200: description filename file-type
201: A%20Brief%20Introduction%20to%20Gopherspace 
gopher:// FILE
201: Clients%2C%20Servers%2C%20and%20Downloads 
gopher:// DIRECTORY
201: Mailing%20List 
gopher:// FILE
201: Mailing%20List%20Archives 
gopher:// DIRECTORY
201: Screenshots gopher:// 
201: Using%20Gopher gopher:// DIRECTORY
201: Why%20Gopher%3F gopher:// 


Another thing is a question about the Gopher+ server (I use the latest
Debian sid release).
0'/foobarerror' does not exist!!            1

Well, the error responses type 0 - isn't that wrong?
RFC1436 tells that errors should be type item character type '3'
And Gopher+ said that it should response errors in the old way, if
the client requested in the old way.

Another thing I'm confused about are sound files. Gopher+.txt says: 
"Gopher+ handles Pictures, Movies, and Sounds by defining three item 
types: ":" for bitmap images, ";" for movies, and "<" for sounds 
(originally I, M, and S were suggested, but they were informally in 
use in other ways;"
That's official. But:
skalinka        s/music/kalinka.mp3     littlefarm.beyer        70      +
skalinka        s/music/kalinka.wav     littlefarm.beyer        70      +
So sound files are item type 's'. :/

The last question I have is to "Subject: [gopher] Gopher+ info"
Why are the types for the files '00' ? And not '0' or something?

ok, that's for today ;)

Stephan Beyer <s-beyer@xxxxxxx>
IRC Nick: sbeyer

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