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[Freeciv] mapchecker

[Freeciv] mapchecker

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Subject: [Freeciv] mapchecker
From: Horn Gábor <Horn.Gabor@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2004 03:51:50 +0100


I've updated the mapchecker script which is at:

Now it tries to measure expansion islands too. Even a basic checking for
this makes the script slower, i hope pubserver will be able to handle it
in 30 secs (which is the default timeout for PHP scripts). The current
method for this isn't mathematically perfect, but i think it produces
usable result about the overall layout and "luck" with expansion
The method: calculate a number from food/prod/eco for all the
expansions, which represents their "quality". Then weight and summarize
them for the players due to a logarithmic(-like)  function of distance
between the player's main and the expansion island.

Of course it's still far from a good human referee, but now i'd say it's
usable for "fun" duel matches. It's missing calculation about the AI's
positions and role, but maybe handling the AI represents the skill of
players too (at least more than handling the difference between total 3
whales and a desert+mountain start and total 12 whales and double
wheat+whale start :).

To use the mapchecker on a pubserver game, u have to do the following:

1, start the game
2, both human players should hit 2 turn done w/o moving any units
(now the savegame gets generated on pubserver at end of -3950 turn)
3, look up the number of game at

4, Use the gamenumber

to get the result of checking. After first process of a game the
generated page will be saved and if other player/referee wants to check
that it will display much faster. So it's better let 1 player/referee
generate it, then when it's done, the others can examine the results w/o
stressing the server.

Unfortunatelly it's currently unusable, as the whole www part of
pubserver (seems has problems) is down. 

bye, hirisov

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