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To: <Freeciv@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [Freeciv]
From: "Outer Space" <luxorlouis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 6 May 2002 01:34:46

 The Life of Xris Planet

If you truly have a dream, and you really want something bad enough, this
world could notice and make it happen. My name is Chris Planet. I am a
writer here on Earth Ever since I was a child, I have long since dreamed of
publishing my work entitled: "The Life of Xris Planet" This book explains
theseveral physiological changes that created what I am. It covers my trials
and tribulations, explaining everything I remember from the time I was
abducted at 7, to my present genetic research and advancements in
sub-conscious "perma-tissue" creation. My work has also helped my friends
shed immense light upon themselves, and they have outwardly supported me in
this e-mail to you. The Life of Xris Planet is my first released work. I do
not expect to be exposed anytime soon to you by the big publishing houses,
Therefore, I am releasing the original, private edition paperback copy of my
book to you in English. It will prepare your mind for the
enlightenment.The knowledge within is a journey, both provoking, and
entertaining, yet in it lies your existence, and the validation that you are
not what you see, but what you are about to see. Experience the interlude
that will answer many questions still unanswered by religion or science.
Whatyou will read will make you invisible to the others. We will then meet,
and together, somewhere on a warm park bench, I will speak of what is to
become of us soon. You will forget space, and you will forget time. The
information contained herein will shed the exoskeleton. Your metamorphosis
and additional set of eyes you acquire also heighten your awareness to
receive the truth about Earth and our species more clearly. Please copy down
the address below, and keep it with you, for they will quickly pull you away
from me, from the truth about the planet you are standing on and how you
really got here. This is where I write. If you are in a big city, look
down. You may hear me, underneath the big buildings you have created. Come
down here with me, where the pipes and concrete protect and shield us from
the frequency, and I will tell you why they pull you away. I will tell you
ofthe Mother. You are not alone. You will see others as I guide your escape.
This Earth is very old. Those who you never encountered have shared it eons
before your breed - Before mine. TheLife of Xris Planet will unlock the
mechanism to give you your true DNA code, that which has been kept from you,
and what is rightfully yours. You too can then help those around you, before
I leave. While I am here, I cannot conceal myself from, nor live in society.
I have only a handfull of trusted humans to shield me. I must sell my work
tolive in my neccessary seclusion until I leave. If you would like a copy of
my book, send five United States dollars ($5 U.S.D.) with a physical mailing
address and/or your e-mail address to: (If check or Money order, made out
to:) C.X.B.G. PMB321 904 S Roselle Rd. Schaumburg, IL., USA 60193 Please put
ATTN: The book on the envelope. I will send the book to the address you
request. This is my one and only e-mail to you. Thank you for your time. 

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