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[Freeciv] Question about your services. xnj

[Freeciv] Question about your services. xnj

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To: Owner@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [Freeciv] Question about your services. xnj
From: vyrMarketer <ptinfonet@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 2 May 2002 04:27:04 -0400

 Hello  The reason for this email is to introduce myself and to see if there
is anything we could do to help each other out

Hello fellow internet marketer.  #recipient#

The reason for sending this email to you is to introduce myself and to see
ifthere is anything we could do to help each other.

My intention is not to sell you anything, we are in the same type of
businessor at least have something in common business wise.  Email marketing
or Marketing in general

I am targeting businesses that have the keywords email, email marketing or
anything to do with marketing in general. So please take a moment to read
this. My wish is to get to know your products and have you do the same with
mine. Our site gets on average 5,000 very targeted customers a day and lots
more that are looking to market a product or site. Our site is primarily
marketed through the larger search engines and placement services.

Our company is all about Email Marketing, Services, Software &a whole lot
more. We have been around for 2 1/2 years. We have many clients that we
service in many aspects of email marketing etc.

I am interested in sharing ideas and possibly working together in some

I am looking for interested parties that deal with these categories:
Opt-in lists, email software, marketing, email services, bulletproof,
safelists, bulk friendly isp, bulk friendly, pop email boxes, Email, bulk
email hosting, bulletproof, web hosting, email hosting, bulkmail,
bulkmailing, bulk email, bulkemail host, bulletproof email, bulletproof web
hosting, email optin hosting, opt-in, host, email, email lists, bulkemail

Our company now handles all of the above categories.

Please understand I am only looking for a direct source not a sub source, my
business is very well established so I am only interested in seasoned

If you feel that you don't fit the above criteria it's still possible for
your company to use our services if you are interested. We can supply you
with all of the above mentioned services so don' t hesitate to send us an
email with your needs, we would be more than happy to handle your email
marketing campaigns.

If you have any interest in forming a relationship with us please contact by
email at: replyem@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[1]  

Please give us a little info on yourself and your business in the reply
emailthat you send us.

We have a whole lot to offer to reasonable business partners.   

If you received this and are not part of the targeted group above we
apologize as we are only trying to target this type of group.

If you would like to never hear from us again please send an email to
replyem@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[2] and put remove into the subject line.  

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   1 mailto:replyem@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
   2 mailto:replyem@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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