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Re: [Freeciv] FAQ suggestion

Re: [Freeciv] FAQ suggestion

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To: =?x-unknown?q?St=E9phane_Guimond?= <stephaneg47@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Cc: freeciv@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [Freeciv] FAQ suggestion
From: Michael Mielke <michael@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 22:29:45 -0400 (EDT)

On Fri, 10 Sep 1999, Stéphane Guimond wrote:

>Is FreeCiv multi-player only? If not, how can I play against the computer 
>like in the real Civilization?

You need to use the 'civserver' command.  And create ai players to play
against the computer.  connect to 'localhost' on the server line.

civclient & civserver
[1] {PID}
This is the server for Freeciv version 1.8.1
You can learn a lot about Freeciv at
1: Now accepting new client connections

Get a list of the available commands with 'help'.
> set aifill 14
Option: aifill has been set to 14.
> start


Freeciv should start then ... be sure you are connected before you use

>If so and that I don't like multiplayer games, how can I delete FreeCiv from 
>my Linux partition?

Remove all the files where the freeciv program is stored ... except that,
you can play again the computer.

The aifill fills in ais for the remaining players instead of actual

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|    | just email me @ michael@xxxxxxxxx

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