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Re: [Freeciv] Re: FreeCiv FAQ question suggestion

Re: [Freeciv] Re: FreeCiv FAQ question suggestion

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To: freeciv@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [Freeciv] Re: FreeCiv FAQ question suggestion
From: "Bobby D. Bryant" <bdbryant@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 02 Jul 1999 02:45:13 -0500

David Pfitzner wrote:

> Bobby D. Bryant wrote:


> > Other sections that I think should be added to the ruleset as time allows 
> > are
> > [map], which would give you the option of specifying a pre-made map or else 
> > just
> > setting the map generation parameters, and [rules] which would specify 
> > things
> > like the road movement bonus and other things that you can modify in Civ II 
> > but
> > not in FreeCiv.
> Regarding [map], would that replace the current server options
> which control the map generation, or what?  Personally I'm not sure
> what should be the long-term division between what is configurable
> at the server prompt, and what requires editing ruleset files.

I've been wondering the same thing, and I'm not sure of my opinion yet.  It 
might be
nice to have the server load the rulesets first, then let the person running 
the game
override the rulesets with additional server commands.


> > I don't want to write a bunch of code that never will be used.
> That is fair enough.  But I think it should not be too hard to get
> reasonable changes included.  Things which may help:
>  - Discuss proposed changes on freeciv-dev first;

Right; that's why I posted this message before writing any code.


>  - Persistence helps!  If a patch seems to have been ignored after
>    some time, a polite reminder/query to the maintainers may be
>    appropriate.

I did send in a couple of patches that gave better (IMO) financial info in the 
client display.  I've found them so useful during play that I re-apply them 
time I update the CVS version that I use when playing.  It would be nice if 
else could give them a try and see whether they agree.

Bobby Bryant
Austin, Texas

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