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[Freeciv] Re: [Freeciv-Dev] Second Try at New Manual

[Freeciv] Re: [Freeciv-Dev] Second Try at New Manual

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To: freeciv@xxxxxxxxxxx (Freeciv users), freeciv-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx (Freeciv developers)
Subject: [Freeciv] Re: [Freeciv-Dev] Second Try at New Manual
From: Reinier Post <rp@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 1999 17:09:09 +0100

David King wrote:

> The second installment of my Freeciv documentation project is ready
> for internal review.  I have uploaded to
> a bzip2'd tar file of a new Freeciv
> User's Manual, containing a Server Guide and a massive Client Guide.

That is

Can use this directory (rather than
for everything that's too large to be posted to the list?


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