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[FreeCiv-Java] Projects page on

[FreeCiv-Java] Projects page on

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To: freeciv-java mailing list <freeciv-java@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [FreeCiv-Java] Projects page on
From: Artur Biesiadowski <abies@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 15 Dec 2001 16:33:05 +0100

I have finally send a mail to maintainers asking to update link for java freeciv project. I've given your mail as a maintainer, Brian, I hope you have nothing against it...

I'll also update my old web page (or rather web directory) with pointers to current page. There is also one more place needing an update - I have placed old code there, but I think a new one is on cvs managed by you, isn't it ? I wonder if it would be better to update code on gjt once per some time, or just delete everything and leave pointers to new cvs.


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