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[FreeCiv-Java] Stuff To Do

[FreeCiv-Java] Stuff To Do

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To: <freeciv-java@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [FreeCiv-Java] Stuff To Do
From: "Brian Duff" <Brian.Duff@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 23:55:47 -0000

I'm working on getting the map in a semi-usable state at the moment. This
may take a little while yet (probably a number of weeks). In the meantime,
there are lots of little bits of JFreeCiv which are accessible but don't do
anything yet. If you're feeling bored on a lazy Sunday afternoon or
something, feel free to pick up one of these or anything else that springs
to mind.

Most of this stuff is front-end UI stuff, but a lot of it also probably
involves testing the network code and writing packet handlers, since the
server is pretty central to the way freeciv works.

o Options

The Game->Local Options and Game->Message Options should be available after
connecting and need dialogs hooked up and some way of storing and saving
client options.

o Other Game menu items

Server Opt Initial / Ongoing and Export / Clear Log need to be implemented.
The first one probably involves some work on the network code.

o The Help System

The help system is mostly driven by help information sent to the client from
the rulesets at game startup, but there is some static content too.

We need to put some UI on this. It would be cool if this was a dockable
pane, and even cooler if it were hyperlinked somehow. Quite a lot of work

o The Unit Stack / Unit code in general

The way in which the client tracks unit focus is a bit er.. unfinished at
the moment. Maybe a bit of design work involved in this.

The unit stack is the control on the left of the freeciv window which
contains icons for all units on the same tile as the active unit. This needs
to be implemented, but may eventually need code from the map to render the
units properly.

o Reports

Could make a start on implementing the report dialogs in the Reports menu.
Again, this is a lot of UI stuff (dialogs), but a bit of network interaction
probably needed too.

o Other dialogs:

Kingdom Menu:
- Tax Rates
- Worklists
- Find City

Can't get to them yet:
- Unit selection (appears when you double click a unit stack on the map, or
from the city dialog)
- City creation dialog
- City dialog (will need map code but lots to do first)
- City dialog worklist
- City dialog configure
- City dialog production change
- Message dialog ( this is a popup dialog on the freeciv c client, maybe we
can find a nicer way of doing this - something like the icon messages in
Call to Power??)
- Science dialog

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