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[FreeCiv-Java] Client 990829

[FreeCiv-Java] Client 990829

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To: Freeciv Java <freeciv-java@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [FreeCiv-Java] Client 990829
From: Artur Biesiadowski <abies@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 11:48:35 +0200

  - changed GlassTile to use fill3DRect - now city/settler overlays
        look a lot better
  - changed all menu actions to AbstractActions and enable/disable
        action not menuitem
  - added autosettler,autoattack,irriagte,mine,fortify and fortification

  - moved image/sound loading to separate thread - now login panel
        much faster
  - corrected bug in setShowingCityRange - now city range is shown after
        switching it here and back
  - added VectorListModel with compareAndReplace method - reduces
        in lists during city updates
  - added basic custom renderers and sorting to lists in CityDialog -
        more work on that
  - remove city packet for not known city do not longer raise exception
  - added untested support for REMOVE_PLAYER packet

  - added i18n hooks in many classes - all that's left is to provide
        translation files :)

  - HexMap now paints by layers not stacks - allows more complicated

  - added PktRulesetTerrain for future use
  - added preliminary Help dialog

  - changed few repaintTiles(x,y,width,height) to
        repaintOneTile/repaintTilesAround in CivMap to make later integration
        of HexMap easier
  - moved few methods to GenericMap

  - added SystemInfoPanel
  - UnitDescription pane now uses own renderer

  - corrected few bugs in unit stack handling (I'm shocked it almost
        all that time), but still there is at least one remaining

  - added few utility methods to HexMap for getting nearby hex
  - now cancel in build city dialog really cancels city build
  - added next unit/next idle unit commands

  - now settler overlapping with city puts red tiles
  - added menu item to control showing of city range glasses
  - corrected bug in city change production scrap detection - ifs were
        structured wrong

  - added experiment with transparent panels
  - finished HexMap
  - added glass overlay for showing possible unit movement, scraped it
        and added glass overlay for settler city range

  - when more than one unit is present in stack, next one is visible
        under flashing one - at slightly different position to differatiate in
        case of units of same type
  - now minimap will react on big map resize (visible rectangle change)
  - added sound support - now just need to add hooks everywhere
  - added hook for nuclear explosion sound
  - added hook for unit combat sounds
  - LabelledMenuItem now grays out key desc when disabled
  - Orders menu is enabled/disabled depending on unit active
  - Map is added only after receiving game running state - it saves
        tile by tile repainting of map
  - started HexMap implementation and moved some common code from
        TileMap to GenericMap

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