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[freeciv-data] magic pack

[freeciv-data] magic pack

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Subject: [freeciv-data] magic pack
From: Zoltán Lakatos <lakatoszoltan@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 03 Apr 2004 09:52:56 +0200
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There are some new unit images in "magicunits.xpm".

I send once again "cities.xpm", which will be upgraded, but I would like to 
know before, which colors can I use. For units I used only the colors of 
trident tileset, for new city images I used other colors as well. Does it 
mean any problem? 
(At me doesn't, but at others ... ?)

There is also a reworked version of tech and units ruleset. There are main 
changes in both.
The main structure of tech tree is, that there are magic advances only at the 
beginning, and there are levels in it. (Nothing will tell at which level you 
are.) Each level gives at least two choice which makes the tech tree wider. 

For example the first level offers material magic (elementals), life magic 
(griff, dragon, ent, ...), light magic (wizard), black magic (black mage), 
normal (phalanx, chariot, ...).

The second level comes from the combination of the first level advances:
light magic+life magic (unicorn), black magic+life magic (daemon), ...

But at the third level the branches of light magic and black magic reach their 
top and only the others continue (till 4,5,6,7). Who choses light or black 
gets powerful units but have to win fast. : )
Thats all about tech tree concept.

In units ruleset I followed the following function to get build costs.

build_cost = 

b1 - power effect (1 - 10)
b2 - quickness effect (1 - 20)
b3 - science effect (0.96 - 1.00)
science - how many advances should you make to reach tech_req 
(read out from science help) (1 - 60 - ...)

For  example:
build_cost = 

 u.armor      53      10       5       3      30   78,15   80,00
                       |                                                |       
                science                                build_cost

I still not defined the costs of several flags. They mostly have no cost.
"Pikemen" -> defense*1.5
"IgTerr" -> move_rate*2
"Paratrooper" -> move_rate+2
"AEGIS" ->  defense*1.5


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