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[freeciv-data] (PR#2609) PATCH: clean up unit_upgrade_price

[freeciv-data] (PR#2609) PATCH: clean up unit_upgrade_price

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To: Erik.Sigra@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: freeciv@xxxxxxx, freeciv-data@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [freeciv-data] (PR#2609) PATCH: clean up unit_upgrade_price
From: "Guest via RT" <rt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 04:07:18 -0800
Reply-to: freeciv-data@xxxxxxxxxxx

[glip - Thu Dec 19 10:43:13 2002]: 
> On Thu, 19 Dec 2002, Guest via RT wrote: 
> > This patch cleans up the function unit_upgrade_price.  
> Style issues: 
> function declarations should not be split, 
I assume that you mean the linewrapping. I had to wrap it to obey the 
rule about line length. But it would indeed fit on a single line 
without the unused parameter pplayer. I could remove it, but then I 
would have to change the calls (in around 12 places). Should I do 
> blank line after variables etc. 
I can change that. 

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