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[freeciv-ai] Re: (PR#2477) Improved Auto-Explore (fwd)

[freeciv-ai] Re: (PR#2477) Improved Auto-Explore (fwd)

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To: Freeciv AI development <freeciv-ai@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [freeciv-ai] Re: (PR#2477) Improved Auto-Explore (fwd)
From: Gregory Berkolaiko <Gregory.Berkolaiko@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2003 16:03:57 +0000 (GMT)

Note added in proof:  I did profiling myself, the results are quite strong 
in favour of using is_dist_finite (time spent on explorer_desirable is 0.0 
vs 0.4 sec)

I think patch is ready to go in as is.


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Date: Sat,  8 Feb 2003 21:36:17 +0000
From: Gregory Berkolaiko <Gregory.Berkolaiko@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [freeciv-ai] Re: (PR#2477) Improved Auto-Explore

Okay, I made two changes:

1. Skip desire calculation for tiles we know we can't reach (using newly born
is_dist_finite function).

2. Fix another activity-related bug (activities really need a cleanup), where an
explorer, upon finishing exploring would not become available next turnbut only
the turn after that.

Patch attached.  I would be grateful if you could test if change 1 really
introduces some speedup (by profiling or any other means you know).  Then, if
you approve of my changes, we can commit.  Said he for the fifth time ;)


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