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[aclug-L] Re: Google and recent email article forwarded to you

[aclug-L] Re: Google and recent email article forwarded to you

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To: discussion@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: [aclug-L] Re: Google and recent email article forwarded to you
From: Nate Bargmann <n0nb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 07:01:56 -0500
Reply-to: discussion@xxxxxxxxx

* jlweaver <jlweaver@xxxxxxx> [2004 Aug 11 06:37 -0500]:
> I googled my name and discovered among other postings, that every email 
> I sent or replied to involving ACLUG was listed.  Remember your posting 
> to ACLUG about CD cases - well it was there.  Is google another name for 
> *BIG BROTHER who watches over (spys) everything ?  This is scary for 
> sure......Larry*

It's only scary if you're under the impression that these email lists,
or any eamil for that matter, is private.  The archive to these lists
is publicly viewable and thus searchable by Google and other search
engines.  Unless you take the proper steps, like encryption, only put
that information in an email that you're comfortable with the world at
large knowing about you.

Google isn't big brother, rather it's a collection of human knowledge. 
There is a difference.

- Nate >>

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