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[aclug-L] Re: StarOffice 6.0

[aclug-L] Re: StarOffice 6.0

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To: discussion@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: [aclug-L] Re: StarOffice 6.0
From: "Arnold Cavazos Jr." <abcjr@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2002 00:15:42 -0500
Reply-to: discussion@xxxxxxxxx

Does anybody know what the "JC" in this $24.99 product means?  The Copy
that we bought for the Office had installation executables for both
Windows and Linux on the same CD.  That is truly handy.  The summary
listing of Outpost product #3383452 shows "WinNT Win2000 Win95 Win98"  
as the platform, but that is only as good as the person who entered the
listing in their system.

We use Star Office 6.0 on one of our Windows 98 PC's.  I use good ol 5.2
on my FreeBSD workstation, and I use OpenOffice 1.0.1 on my Windows 2000
laptop.  OpenOffice has worked quite fine for most things.  Both Star
Office 6.0 with the latest patches and OpenOffice 1.0.1 seem to hose
highly complex MS Word and Excel documents in the same fashion, so I
think that the only real difference between SO 6.0 and OO 1.0.1, is the
document templates, a more enhanced spell checker, additional fonts and
obscure file format converters.

On a practical level, am I missing something?  Has anybody found a big 
difference between SO and OO on a day to day usage level?

If anybody does buy this, I am curious to know whether the Windows
Installer is on the CD as well.


On Thu, Sep 19, 2002 at 11:29:59PM -0500, Michael Moore wrote:
> has StarOffice 6.0 for $24.99.
> Now, I would like to have it if they were giving it away for free like 
> they are in some foreign countries.
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