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[aclug-L] Re: FW: Red Hat Launches Version 7.2

[aclug-L] Re: FW: Red Hat Launches Version 7.2

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To: discussion@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: [aclug-L] Re: FW: Red Hat Launches Version 7.2
From: Clint Brubakken <cabrubak@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 26 Oct 2001 14:21:53 -0500
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I installed it on my laptop, yesterday in it seems ok, maybe some redhat
guys can help my with some stuff like getting sound to work 

On Fri, 2001-10-26 at 11:13, Dale W Hodge wrote:
> LINUX TIPS AND TRICKS --- October 26, 2001
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> * Red Hat Inc.'s update to version 7.2 adds increased scalability with
>   the inclusion of the 2.4.7 kernel.
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> Red Hat Launches Version 7.2 of Linux OS
> By George A. Chidi
> Linux vendor Red Hat Inc. on Monday updated its Red Hat Linux operating
> systems for consumer PCs and for business workstations and servers.
> Both operating systems use the Linux 2.4.7 kernel and the GNOME 1.4
> desktop environment. Red Hat also announced pricing for its upcoming
> Red Hat Embedded Linux Developer Suite, setting the price at US$2,500.
> The Linux 2.4.7 kernel makes the open-source operating system more
> scalable by improving its performance in computers with more than one
> processor, expanding its system memory up to 64G bytes and using Ext3
> journaling and a logical volume manager to better manage large file
> systems. It also has advanced power management features. The 2.4 Linux
> kernel was released by Linux creator Linus Torvalds in January.
> The updated Red Hat consumer Linux flavor, Red Hat Linux 7.2, comes
> with improved USB (Universal Serial Bus) support, the GNOME and KDE
> desktop environments, game demo software, a Nautilus file manager from
> Eazel Inc. and a Mozilla Web browser. It also comes bundled with Sun
> Microsystems Inc.'s StarOffice 5.2 office applications, and compilers
> for C, C++, Java, Python, Perl, and PHP interpreters.
> The GNOME 1.4 open source desktop used by Red Hat isn't perfectly
> compatible with the version developed by open source software vendor
> Ximian Inc., said Marty Wesley, a Red Hat product manager. "We're both
> pulling from the GNOME base, but from a different point in time," he
> said. Ximian tends to use later versions of GNOME in order to stay
> cutting edge, while Red Hat tends to work longer on its GNOME products
> in order to improve stability, he said.
> Linux isn't perceived as user friendly when compared to the Apple
> Computer Inc. or Microsoft Corp. desktop environments -- an issue the
> open-source community has tried to address with the GNOME project for
> an open-source desktop. Just as Red Hat banks on Linux, Ximian Inc.
> banks on GNOME, producing its own flavor of the Linux-compatible
> desktop.
> As Red Hat's modifications to GNOME are published under the GNU General
> Public License (GPL), the two versions will grow more compatible, he
> said. "Ximian tends to stay a little closer to the tip of the tree ...
> but all of these branches eventually fold back into the trunk."
> The updated operating sytem for business PCs and servers, called Red
> Hat Linux Professional, comes with everything in the consumer version,
> along with Web server applications software, application development
> tools, an e-commerce package, workstation applications including Adobe
> Systems Inc.'s Acrobat reader and IBM Corp.'s Java Run Time
> Environment. It also comes with system administrator software and two
> months of support, along with a six month subscription to Red Hat
> Network Software Manager for one system.
> Red Hat plans to release an advanced server version of Red Hat Linux
> 7.2 for data center use within the next six months. A version of Red
> Hat Linux 7.2 for IBM's S/390 mainframe computers and a version for
> Intel Corp.'s Itanium processor will be released by the end of the
> year, Wesley said.
> Red Hat also reiterated its intent to release its developer suite for
> embedded Linux, but without giving a release date in the announcement.
> Red Hat Linux 7.2 is priced at $59.95, while Red Hat Linux Professional
> is priced at $199.95. Both versions are available from Red Hat's Web
> site,, at retail stores and through computer
> makers.
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