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[aclug-L] NEW INCREDIBLE TRANSLATOR - IBM: RPG (AS/400) tranlated to

[aclug-L] NEW INCREDIBLE TRANSLATOR - IBM: RPG (AS/400) tranlated to

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Subject: [aclug-L] NEW INCREDIBLE TRANSLATOR - IBM: RPG (AS/400) tranlated to Microsoft: Visual Basic 6.0
From: "SYLVAIN ST-MARTIN" <sylvainstmartin@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 16:39:05 -0400
Reply-to: discussion@xxxxxxxxx

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 My name is Sylvain St-Martin - North American Director of SPL2000 Inc.=20
     I am presently looking for your Highest Computer Network Director. =
We have finally created, after 4 years in the making, a new "Revolution =
in the Technology Evolution"  program translator that will help =
companies save hundreds of thousands of Dollars a year.  We have been =
told that many International companies, like yours,  are using IBM's =
AS/400 with RPG programming, an old technology just waiting to be =
changed. We have found the perfect solution for your company. Upgrading =
to a higher level of programming tools without changing a thing on your =
current system, the perfect low-cost solution to a old problem.  RPG to =
Visual Basic 6; Incredible but it's thrue!

IBM:  RPG (AS/400)  =E8  Microsoft:  Visual Basic 6.0

        Can you please send this E-Mail to your Computer Networking =
Director that as relation in that specific field. This is an =
International project that will elevate the quality of AS/400 RPG =
programs capabilities of International businesses all around the world, =
that are still working on older systems.

        An association can be considered !  Thank you for your Help!  =20

Sylvain St-Martin                                                        =
 (Please read below and Foward to the right department)=20



A Montreal software development company creates a new revolutionary =
Software translator for two of the largest computer markets in the =


IBM:  RPG (AS/400)  =E8  Microsoft:  Visual Basic 6.0

    We are very proud to present you, after 4 years in the making, a new =
"Revolution in the Technology Evolution" product which allows you to =
step into the 21st century technology. This product is easy to use and =
simply perfect. The only system in today's technology International =
market, completely automated, which translate your programs or those of =
your customers and this, without any efforts. RPG OPEN CONNECT converts =
IBM'S RPG (II,III,400,IV) for AS/400 in an actual world standard =
technology, accessible to any programmer, with a lower cost technology =
and posseses a more graphical "User Friendly" format : Microsoft Visual =
Basic 6.
    You only need one RPG programmer having knowledge in Visual Basic 6 =
and one programming station equipped with Visual Basic 6 software to =
carry out the migration on fast and low cost PCs connected to a new =
server such as Windows NT or 2000, Unix, Sun or even on your own actual =
AS/400 server. No system upgrade is necessary. The translation of your =
programs enables you to use your current Databases through an Intranet =
or via Internet. And this is one of many advantages that our service can =
benefit you .

    With the conversion of your RPG programs into Visual Basic 6, you =
can connect yourself directly to a Database in Client-Server mode : =
Oracle, Informix, SQL-Server, Sybase, Access or even in text format. =
Under Operating Systems such as the great Microsoft family's Windows NT =
and Windows 2000, Unix and Linux, AIX. The use is limitless.  Migrate =
your new translated programs on a low-cost Win98, NT, 2000 or Unix base =
Network with regular PCs or leave it as it is on your AS/400 connected =
to new low-cost PCs.

    This solution decreases considerably your communication expenses, =
formation time and cost for your programmers and employees, triples your =
possible workstations working on your AS/400 server by freeing your =
server's memory and hard drive resources. Those resources are now taken =
in charge by the new PCs. Our service renew your work system to an =
actual world programming standard : Microsoft Visual Basic 6.

    The handling is infinite. The only one of a kind worldwide product =
that can save you hundred of thousands of dollars per year.

   A Language Translator, why not! RPG OPEN CONNECT enables you to =
translate your program's "TEXTS" in any translatable world languages, =
which gives a priceless value to this already complete and incredible =
SPL2000 service package.

  For more details, to receive our information booklet or to obtain a =
visual demo of our service, please contact us.=20

Accept our finest respects.

SPL2000 Inc.
Sylvain St-Martin
DIRECTOR - North American Division
Tel. : (514) 767-6874
Cell : (514) 867-8307
Fax : (514) 523-9576
E-mail:  sylvainstmartin@xxxxxxxxxxx

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