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Re: [aclug-L] killing print jobs

Re: [aclug-L] killing print jobs

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To: aclug-L@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [aclug-L] killing print jobs
From: Nate Bargmann <ka0rny@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 12:07:36 -0500
Reply-to: aclug-L@xxxxxxxxxxxx

phrostie wrote:
> how do you kill a print job
> i'm trying to set up WP8(did the DL thing)
> and i'm having trouble setting up the printer.
> i don't want to waste 50 pages of paper with
> it printing garbage.
> thank you


Here's I set up my /etc/printcap for use with WP8:

# Generic
lp|generic|Generic Printer:
This is just a spooler with no filter.  Since my printer (deskjet 600)
was supported directly by WP, I just send it out the parallel port raw. 
Works great and I can utilize all of my printer's features like draft
quality printing, which is unsupported in Ghostscript.

In WP I just told it to use lp as the printer and selected the dj-600

Good luck!

- Nate >>


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