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[announce] PVR Meetings this Month 3/6/04 and 3/20/04

[announce] PVR Meetings this Month 3/6/04 and 3/20/04

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Subject: [announce] PVR Meetings this Month 3/6/04 and 3/20/04
From: Clint A Brubakken <cabrubak@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2004 12:00:28 -0600
Reply-to: announce@xxxxxxxxx

We will be having 2 meetings this month. 

March 6 at 2pm Neff Hall  - we will be making sure everyone knows what
they want
to get, perhaps ordering in a group, addressing questions, and anything
else. This will be in Neff Hall, in the Honors Lab, the same location of
the last one.

March 20 at 2pm Location TBA- we will be having an install meeting,
where we will
work with people running a few distros (currently looks like fedora,
debian, unstable/knoppix, & gentoo (with certain packages built before
hand!) to have everyone install. 

For questions about these meeting please contact James Lancaster : 

Clint A Brubakken <cabrubak@xxxxxxx>

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